Practice English Grammar in class , at 4th March 2010

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Softskill (B.Inggris Bisnis2)
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1. Twenty to thirty year after a mature forest is cleared away, nearly impenetrable thicket of trees and shrubs develops. Answer : thirty years

2. Scientist at universities are often more involved in theoretical research than in  practically research. Answer : practical

3. Nylan, a synthetic done from a combination of water, air and a by-product of coal, was first intoduced in 1938. Answer : made

4.  Animation is a technique for creativity the illution of life in inanimate things. Answer : creativiting

5.  The nonviolent protest advocated by Dr. martin news coverage luther king. Jr, proving highly effective in and age of expanding television. Answer : proved

6.  On december 7, 17, 87, delaware became a first state to ratity to constitotion. Answer : the

7.  Meali kalama, creator of over 400 hawaiian quitts, was granted a national heritage fellowship in 1985 for herself constributions to folk art. Answer : her

8.  A getty serves to define and deepen a channe, navigate or protect a harbor. Answer ; navigation

9.  Minoiru yamasaki is an american architect which works departed from the austerity frequently  associated with architecture in the united states after the second war. Answer : whose

10.  A chemical research provides information that is useful when the textile industry creation of synthetic  fabrics. Answer : for

11.  Jane adams, social worker , author and spokeswoman for the peace  and women’s suffrage movements, she recieved the nobel peace prize in 1931 for her humanitarian achievments.

12. Bromynte crystals have a diamond like luster and are usually colorless, but they dark to brown when exposed to light. Answer : darkness

13.  Ice is less denser than liquid from which it is formed. Answer : dens

14.  The 1983 nobel prize in medicine was awarded to Barbara McClintock for her experiments with maize and her discoveries regardless. Answer : regarding

15. most of the damage property attribute to the San francisco eathquake of 1906 resulted frome the fire that folowed . Answer : property damage

16. james baldwin’s  plays and shortstories, which are to some degree auto biographical, established  them as a leading figure in the united states civil right movement . Answer : him

17. thunder can be listened from a maximum distance of about ten miles except under unusual atmospheric conditions. Answer : heard

18. stars in our universe vary in temperature, color bright, size and mass. Answer : brightness


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